How we operate

We believe in building good relationships with our farmers so that we can provide you with the best quality flowers.

After visiting multiple farms in Switzerland and Italy, we came across some decent ones but we were never quite satisfied with the entire process. There always seemed to be a breakdown in the quality chain due to unnatural conditions. Be it, grown indoors with artificial light, excess additives to accelerate the plant's growth or quite simply, bad quality flowers because they were grown with poor technique, followed by an unprofessional curing process.

Luckily one of our partners had heard of a farm in Greece that claimed to be unique because they focused on growing the plants in as natural an environment as possible.

No chemicals are used in the growing process, the plants are grown in fields in direct sunlight and the circumstances are ideal for growing hemp.

Excellent conditions, coupled with expert knowledge, creates exceptional flowers.

The quality is what makes the experience. We believe we have found the best CBD flower and we certainly wouldn't want you to miss out.

Here's the farm where the plants are grown